Urban Calgary Computer Services is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our goal is to service a exceptional assortment of web design and computer services. We're the best choice for whichever service you require. Our incredible prices, are just a added complement to our great company. No mater how large or small a service, we always guarantee the best prices. You can rest assure that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
Experienced Professionals are ready to serve you. Our employees are first class experts with superior attitudes. We are proud of our quality services and stand behind our prodigious customers 24/7/365.
North American Coverage we keep you covered at all times and all places. When ever traveling we will be there to assist you, contact us toll free when traveling within North America.
Miles of Experience we have served customers all around North America, to ensure everyone can enjoy our exceptional products and services. Our team has a vast knowledge of what customers need and what customers expect. That's why we're dedicated to only bringing you the highest level of experience and service. Highlights of our company are listed below.
The IT industry can get complicated fast. Our goal is to serve technology simply, by keeping one step ahead
Ivan Hoswen

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