Consulting Services
Our consulting services are for individuals up to growing organizations. Not only can we help keep costs low, we also ensure you will get a great return on your investment. If you need a effective solution right  from the start, then we have the answer for you. Our services will help you to determine what your particular needs are. As always all consulting services are free of charge.
i-drive 2000
"Urban, has been a fundamental to our great success. Their services are great. Thank you". - Ronald Weyer Project Manager.
Digital Gear
"I had a hard time finding a company that was right. I just wasn't happy until I found these guys. They are eager to help and really take care of their customers." -Mike Seifert.
Design Quorporation
"They had me up in no time. I was very impressed with their great professionalism. The same day I called I got setup with a wonderful package". - Marlene Krossey Marketing Manager.
Website Consulting will help you determine a effective design for your company. We are in the business to get your website off the ground and into action. Our complete solutions are aimed toward your success. We will guide you with alternate solutions and steer you into the right direction free of charge.


Computer Consulting is designed  to assist you with computer design options. We will help you free of charge to determine the best computer design for your application. Your options will be based upon your future goals and needs.


Wireless Network Consulting will assist you with important network decisions. Generally networks can serve to share the internet, files, printers, faxes and servers. With our professional knowledge, we will determine which setup is right for you free of charge. With the latest and greatest improvements, wireless technology has become priced extremely well. Wireless networking is ultimately the new standard for home and small business networking.

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