Website Design Portfolio
We have the largest selection of professional websites ready to be customized with powerful content. Click here to view our online website portfolio. We supply html, flash, photoshop and others. The following highlights include, services offered for all websites.
Custom Made Computers
For those that demand higher quality parts that combined produce a much faster performing computer. Or for those that need greater flexibility than a computer from the major manufacturers. Major computer manufactures have limited warranties, and  are designed for the average consumer, with generally no support for future upgrades. If your needs are more specific, such as gaming, photo editing, data backup, blu-ray, or any future use, then a custom made computer is the right choice for you.
Large Selection of computer products
Extensive research goes into selecting every product to ensure we have a great selection in a variety of price ranges. Will have build relationships with various local and national companies to ensure we will have your product available. Approximately 95% of computer parts are not regularly available to the average consumer. Therefore you can always rely the we will have the computer part for the repair required.

Although as a result of our large selection of products available, we do not list our products online. Our technicians are always happy to assist our customers with full installation on any product we sell. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Urban's Commitment, Computer technology is an extremely competitive market. We're commitment to stay one step ahead, so we can ensure the best prices. We'll always be presenting you the newest and most commendable parts and accessories for your computer system. Therefore you can keep current with the advancements of technology. We have; 
MS Windows 8
There are various versions available. We can help you decide which version is right for you.
MS Office
Various versions are also available. We can help you decide which version is right for you.
Total Security and Firewall, parental control, webscan anti-spam, spyware and root.
Internet security antivirus, antispam, antispyware, personal Firewall.
Internet security suite complete package, with site advisor.
Symantec Norton
Internet security antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental controls.

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